Why Lake Malawi?
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Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi


What We Love
  1. Crystal-clear freshwater lake
  2. Water-based activities – snorkelling, diving, kayaking & sailing
  3. Friendliest country in Africa
  4. Beautiful lakeside living
  5. Largest number of fish species in the world
  6. Relaxing, off-the-beaten-track destination

Why Lake Malawi?

When you stare out over the palm-fringed sandy beach with crystal-clear water, it is easy to think you are on an oceanic tropical island rather than the shores of Lake Malawi – one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes.

Experience Covering 30,000 square km & taking up a large slice of Malawi, this freshwater body is home to the largest number of fish species in the world, making this an ideal destination for water sport enthusiasts.

Here, in what people call ‘the friendliest country in Africa,’ guests can enjoy freshwater snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing & fishing.

Accommodation is mostly found around the lake’s southern & central regions, but even in the more visited areas, the lake remains wonderfully untouched by mass tourism. Beautiful lakeside chalets range from family-friendly beach resorts to romantic island lodges.

Lake Malawi is an ideal choice for guests who are looking for an off-the-beaten-track beach-style holiday where beautiful scenery, adventure activities & friendly service are of utmost importance.

Activities Lake Malawi activities are mostly water-based. It has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world with over 500 species of Cichlids. It is because of this abundant aquatic life, that Lake Malawi has some of the most diverse dive sites in the world.

Other popular activities include snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, boating & fishing.

When To Travel The best time to visit Lake Malawi is during the drier winter months, between May to late October when days are warm & sunny – great for beach weather!

The hot summer rains fall between November to April.

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