Why Liwonde National Park?
Liwonde National Park Africa Unwind 1
Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park


What We Love
  1. Classic big game reserve (home to the Big 5)
  2. An authentic, raw wilderness experience
  3. Boat safaris on the beautiful Shire River
  4. Game drives & night drives
  5. An off-the-beaten-track safari experience
  6. Some of the best bird watching in Africa

Why Liwonde National Park?

Liwonde National Park is one of Malawi’s hidden gems. Smaller than some of the other African parks, Liwonde is nevertheless the closest thing the country has to a classic big game reserve.

Experience At its centre, you will find the Shire River – a magnet for larger animals. Boating safaris are usually the best way to get closer to some of the larger animals like elephant & hippo.

Recently, black rhino has been reintroduced to the area, which means that Liwonde has become a Big 5 reserve, but bear in mind that sightings of the big cats – leopard & lion – are rare. Safari goers who simply wish to tick off a Big 5 checklist should rather opt for another destination.

A Liwonde safari will appeal to adventure travellers who prefer an off-the-beaten-track environment where the focus is not only on larger animals but on smaller creatures too.

Bird watching is spectacular! With a crossover between Southern & East African species, Liwonde offers among the best in Central Africa.

Activities Liwonde National Park offers a wide selection of safari activities.

Boating safaris along the palm-fringed shores of the Shire River is a wonderful way of getting close to wildlife & open 4x4 game drives explore the park’s expansive floodplains in search for sable & roan antelope, buffalo & impala – while night drives offer the chance of seeing elusive nocturnal animals such as jackal, hyena & serval cats.

Guided walking safaris are also a popular activity, along with rhino tracking which can be done in the separate rhino sanctuary that is contained within the reserve.

When To Travel Liwonde National Park offers great wildlife viewing throughout the year, but the best months are the dry winter months, from May to October when the grass is low, which makes it easier to spot wildlife. At this time, water in the bush has dried out & animals congregate at the river.

Keep in mind that October is very hot and not the ideal time for being in the bush.

During the rainy season – between December & March, the conditions are generally hot and wet.

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