Why Skeleton Cost?
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Skeleton Cost

Skeleton Cost


What We Love
  1. Remote & desolate setting – only accessibly by small plane
  2. Spectacular scenery – ideal for photography
  3. Untouched region – only a handful of lodges
  4. See shipwrecks & Cape fur seal colonies
  5. Game drives, walking safaris & bird watching
  6. Track desert-adapted elephants

Why Skeleton Cost?

Namibia’s is home to a mysterious stretch of coast – scattered with shipwrecks - that stretches from Swakopmund all the way to the Angolan border. These shipwrecks inspired the name aptly given to this region: Skeleton Coast.

Experience Now a graveyard for shipwrecked sailors whose vessels fell victim to the Atlantic’s treacherous currents, shifting sandbanks & thick fog, the Skeleton Coast is one of Namibia’s most remote regions, but also one that offers a ‘ship full’ of surprises.

This untouched stretch of coastline is home to spectacular scenery that includes sweeping vistas of desert, ocean & sky.

There are nearly 250 species of bird in the area while antelope such as gemsbok, kudu & springbok can be seen at freshwater seeps & are sometimes joined by desert-adapted elephants.

The most dramatic wildlife spectacle is seeing enormous Cape fur seal colonies of between 80,000 & 100,000 at Cape Cross. Between November & December, as many as 200,000 seals gather on the shore to breed. This is also a good time to see predators such as brown hyena & black-backed jackal take advantage of any opportunities.

Activities The Skeleton Coast offers a wide range of exciting & unusual safari activities, including scenic flights in search of bleached whale bones & shipwrecks as well as cultural trips to meet the nomadic Himba people known for applying the reddish-brown powder to their skin with butter.

Other exciting activities are 4x4 drives to find desert-adapted wildlife, day trips to see the Cape fur seal colonies & the Suiderkruis Shipwreck as well as sundowner drives to the roaring sand dunes of the Namib desert.

Dune boarding, quad bike trips & romantic beach lunches can also be arranged.

When To Travel Skeleton Coast can be visited throughout the year, but the ideal time is during the warmer months from October to March. These months see a little bit of rain, which keeps the skies clear. Mornings are less foggy & it's warmer at night than in the winter months.

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