Why Uganda?
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What We Love
  1. Go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  2. See iconic tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizbeth National Park
  3. Experience thrilling river cruises & big game viewing at Murchison Falls
  4. Chimp trekking, elephant encounters & bird watching at Kibale Forest
  5. One of the world’s best bird-watching destinations
  6. Combines easily with Kenya & Tanzania

Why Uganda?

A gorilla trekking safari is on everyone’s bucket list. Spending time with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural rainforest habitat is why travellers from across the globe choose Uganda as a safari destination.

Experience Uganda’s extraordinary Bwindi Impenetrable Forest boasts a 90% success rate at finding habituated gorilla family groups & has contributed to gorilla trekking becoming one of Africa’s most powerful wildlife experiences.

But there is more to Uganda than spending time with gorillas in rainforests. This East African country is also famous for its iconic tree-climbing lions that can be found in Queen Elizabeth National Park – one of only 3 places on the continent where this rare occurrence takes place.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, along with Murchison Falls National Park are both big game destinations where thrilling river cruises, chimp trekking expeditions & great game viewing await.

Kibale, in southern Uganda, supports Africa’s biggest population of chimpanzees as well as a large variety of primates & 320 recorded species of bird. Mgahinga National Park boasts spectacular scenery – volcanoes, forests, crater lakes & swamps - & offers interesting cultural encounters with the local Batwa people.

Not only does Uganda offer phenomenal gorilla trekking safaris but is also known as one of the best bird-watching destinations in the world. It also combines easily with other East African countries such as Kenya & Tanzania, so you can enjoy a well-rounded safari experience.

Stay Although accommodation in Uganda is generally smaller, more intimate & not as luxuriously opulent as other East African countries like Kenya or Tanzania, lodges & camps still deliver plenty of comfort, friendly service & great cuisine. Accommodation choices range from comfortable camps to luxurious lodges.

When To Travel The best time to visit Uganda for wildlife viewing is during the dry seasons from June to September & December to February. Primate walks in the forest are a big part of any safari in Uganda. The habitat of rainforests is, by default, very wet, & one can't avoid rain completely.

The best time to visit Uganda for bird watching is all year round but is at its peak between November & April when migrant species are present. We'd recommend avoiding an Uganda safari entirely during the heavy rains of April & May.

Best time to visit Uganda Africa Unwind 1
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