Why Entebbe & Kampala?
Entebbe & Kampala Africa Unwind 1
Entebbe & Kampala

Entebbe & Kampala


What We Love
  1. Ideal stop-over destinations for gorilla trekking
  2. Laid-back Entebbe - home to Uganda’s international airport & Lake Victoria
  3. Vibrant Kampala - capital city & a 1-hour drive from Entebbe
  4. Entebbe – Visit the Wildlife Educational Centre & Botanical Gardens
  5. Kampala – Visit the UNESCO Kasubi Tombs & the Crafts Village
  6. A choice of boutique-style hotels or larger high-rise resorts

Why Entebbe & Kampala?

The capital of Uganda – Kampala, is the country’s commercial, political & logistical hub, but also one of East Africa’s most friendly & relaxed cities.

Experience A mere 60-minute drive away, you will find the laid-back Entebbe – a modern & picturesque city that is home to the country’s international airport as well as Africa’s largest lake, the beautiful Lake Victoria.

Both Kampala & Entebbe are the ideal pitstop destinations for a gorilla or chimp trekking safari to Uganda.

Activities Visitors to Kampala should make a stop at the National Cultural Centre - commonly known as the National Theatre where guests can enjoy a line-up of live music, film, dance & drama in the auditorium. There are also a variety of restaurants, bars & nightly outdoor events including drumming & comedy nights.

Kampala is also home to the UNESCO listed Kasubi Tombs – the burial site for the kings & the royal family of the Buganda kingdom. Kampala is dotted with colourful crafts markets – including the popular Crafts Village – that sells vibrant crafts ranging from prints, baskets, paintings, pottery, jewellery & more.

Entebbe also includes a list of attractions & activities, including the Entebbe Wildlife Educational Centre – home to an array of interesting animals & the Entebbe Botanical Gardens where guests can relax & enjoy an introduction to Uganda’s abundant birdlife.

Visitors can also spend an afternoon fishing on Lake Victoria or cruise to nearby Ngamba Island to view orphaned and rehabilitated chimpanzees.

When To Travel The best time to visit Kampala & Entebbe is during its 2 dry seasons: between December & February, & between June & September. During these dryer months, the conditions are particularly good for trekking to see mountain gorillas & chimpanzees.

Entebbe & Kampala Africa Unwind 1
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