Why Zambia?
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What We Love
  1. Experience some of Southern Africa’s wildest & most remote regions
  2. Luxurious lodges & excellent game viewing
  3. Expert guides – some of the best in Africa
  4. Walking in South Luangwa, canoeing in Lower Zambezi & game drives in Kafue
  5. Remote bush camps, luxury tented camps & private family villas
  6. Home to the majestic Victoria Falls in Livingstone

Why Zambia?

Zambia is home to some of Southern Africa’s most remote safari destinations & offers the perfect blend between big game viewing, expert guides & luxurious lodges.

Experience In fact – here you will find some of the best guides in Africa! And although Zambia’s raw beauty has long been drawing safari connoisseurs from around the globe, the wildlife reserves remain wild & unspoilt – the way a safari is meant to be.

South Luangwa is one of Zambia’s premier wildlife regions & offers the best walking safaris in Africa, along with remote bush camps & luxurious lodges. You can also enjoy canoeing in the scenic Lower Zambezi or go on thrilling 4x4 drives in the Kafue National Park. For a truly off-the-beaten-track adventure, visit North Luangwa & explore the most remote corners of Zambia on foot.

Perhaps Zambia’s most popular attraction is the majestic Victoria Falls in Livingstone. Also known as Africa’s adventure capital, here you can enjoy scenic helicopter flights, sunset boat cruises, river rafting, elephant interactions & even swim at the edge of the Falls – season dependent.

It is best to combine 2 or 3 different regions in Zambia for a well-rounded safari experience.

Stay Even though Zambian reserves are wild & remote, don’t be fooled thinking that you will have to rough it. A variety of luxury lodges, tented camps & private villas offer discerning guests the ultimate level of comfort while remote bush camps deliver an off-the-beaten-track safari experience, with a strong emphasis on wildlife.

Accommodation is available for all types of travellers – from couples & honeymooners to families & multi-generational families, Zambia has it all!

When To Travel The best time to visit Zambia is during the dry season, from May to October. Note that September & October can get very hot. The rainy season is from December to April so the bush is lush & green & birdlife is spectacular. The best time to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls in Livingstone is during ‘High Water’ season - from February to July, directly after the region's summer rains, when you'll see the world's largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume.

 Best time to visit Zambia Africa Unwind 1
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