What To Expect On Safari?
What To Expect On Safari? Africa Unwind 1
What To Expect On Safari?

What To Expect On Safari?

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What To Expect?
  1. 05h30 – 06h00: Wake Up Call
  2. 06h00 – 09h00: Morning Game Drive / Activity
  3. 09h00 – 10h00: Breakfast
  4. 10h00 – 13h00: Leisure Time (Read, Nap, Swim, Spa)
  5. 13h00 – 14h00: Lunch
  6. 14h00 – 15h30: Leisure Time (Read, Nap, Swim, Spa)
  7. 15h30 – 16h00: High Tea
  8. 16h00 – 19h00: Afternoon Game Drive / Activity
  9. 19h00 – 21h00: Dinner

What To Expect On Safari?

“What is a typical day on safari like?” This is one of the first questions asked by travellers who have never been to Africa…& a good one, indeed!

There may be slight differences based on the country you visit or the time of year you travel, but a typical safari follows a familiar rhythm that combines action-packed wildlife encounters with ample time to relax in between – the perfect blend for a dream holiday.

Upon arrival at each safari lodge or camp, you will be informed of the day-to-day safari program, but we thought we’ll give you a taste of a quintessential day in the African bush.

05H30 – 06H00: Wake Up Call Depending on what time the sun rises, you will be woken up by a friendly knock on the door & a tray of coffee, tea & cookies that will get you out of bed & into some warm clothes – ready for the game drive!

06H00 – 09H00: Morning Game Drive / Activity Being out in the bush just after sunrise is simply put – magical. Animals are at their most active during this time, so you will experience thrilling wildlife encounters from the comfort of an open 4x4 jeep. (A dedicated guide & tracker is assigned to each vehicle.) Many animals use the early mornings to make their way to waterholes where they can quench their thirst – quite a sight to behold!

Some countries also offer hot air balloon safaris in the early mornings. What is more spectacular than viewing the bush from a bird’s eye view?

09H00 – 10H00: Breakfast By mid-morning, the bush is hot. Most animals have quenched their thirst & start retreating to the shade. You will return to the lodge for a delicious breakfast or brunch – usually served on a deck with spectacular views or in a remote bush setting.

10H00 – 13H00: Leisure Time (Read, Nap, Swim, Spa) After an eventful morning out in the bush, there is nothing quite like taking a hot shower & spending the rest of the morning as you please. Take a book down to the pool, go for a massage, hit the gym, or – frankly – take a nap! Some lodges also have Kids Clubs, so the little ones can enjoy further adventures while the adults enjoy a little rest & relaxation.

Most safari lodges also offer guided walking safaris after breakfast. If you are feeling active & want to experience the bush on foot, this is your chance! Walking safaris are a fun way to learn more about animal tracking, smaller animals & plants.

13H00 – 14H00: Lunch And just like that – it is time to eat again! On safari, you will be treated like royalty & food is an important element that cannot be overlooked. Most travellers admit that they put on a few pounds on safari – a good indication of an enjoyable holiday!

14H00 – 15H30: Leisure Time (Read, Nap, Swim, Spa) After lunch, guests have a little extra leisure time to edit their photos, enjoy the peace & quiet or spend time by the pool with a book in hand. Most lodges & camps boast beautiful views over the bush, & some even have views over waterholes. This is a wonderful time to take out a pair of binoculars & enjoy nature in its purest form.

15H30 – 16H00: High Tea Just before high tea, start to get ready for your afternoon game drive or activity. Gather your camera & binoculars, put in your drinks order for sundowners & if it is winter, pack a scarf, gloves & beanie as it gets chilly once the sun goes down.

High tea is a safari tradition that was born during the unhurried days of the 19th century. Each camp serves a scrumptious selection of nibbles – anything from cake, tart & scones to savoury sandwiches & traditional African bites.

16H00 – 19H00: Afternoon Game Drive / Activity The hottest time of day is now over & it is finally cool enough for the animals to become active again. During the afternoon game drive, just before the sun sets, guests will enjoy a special safari tradition – The Safari Sundowner – where drinks & snacks are served in a scenic bush setting.

If you are in a private concession, the game drive will continue after dark. You will use a spotlight to look for nocturnal animals on the way back to camp.

Some countries also offer other activities during the afternoons. These include boating safaris, mokoro safaris in dug-out canoes, fishing & hot air balloon rides.

19H00 – 21H00: Dinner Africa stokes the appetite like nowhere else on the planet! Being out in the fresh air gets you in the mood to fill your belly – once again. Depending on your lodge or camp, dinner may be plated, a la carte or served buffet-style, but is usually a multi-course affair accompanied by wine.

Some camps serve dinner in a variety of locations, so guests will have a different setting each night – alfresco on the deck, in a cosy dining room, out in the bush or in the boma - a traditional open-air area around a campfire where staff often entertain guests with traditional singing & dancing.

21H00: Bed Time Believe it or not, but by 21h00 most guests are ready for bed! Tomorrow is a new day & wake-up is early. The bush does not wait…

What To Expect On Safari? Africa Unwind 1
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